Sublimation Blank iPhone 14 case


Blanks For Blank IPhone 14 Case for sublimation by INNOSUB USA

About this item

  • INNOSUB USA Blank Cases for iPhone models
    Protective Soft Rubber case/ Hard Plastic Case.
    Double-sided 3M tape 
    Each Case includes High quality insert aluminum +Plastic sleeve. 
  • Pressing instructions:

    Metal inserts: 176-187 degrees Celsius
    (350-360degrees Fahrenheit) for 45-60 seconds

    Note: Depending on your heat-press, your pressing time and temperature might vary, and we recommend that you start pressing with low settings and add more if needed. After you are done pressing, don’t take the tape out, lift the side of the insert without detaching it from the paper, check if fully sublimated, If not, press again.