Sublimation Blank Apron for Kids by INNOSUB USA


Sublimation Apron for Kids | Sublimation Kids Apron | Custom Cooking Apron | DIY by INNOSUB USA

About this item

  • Dress your clients for cooking success with these Sublimation Printing Cooking Cloth Apron Blanks.  Featuring a lovely cloth fabric that resists stains and a one size fits all design, this sublimation apron is the ideal way to enjoy a cooking apron blank that is also the best in kitchen accessories.  It’s the perfect sublimation cooking apron to help your clientele preserve your clothing while making amazing creations in their kitchen. These kids kitchen aprons are the perfect recipe for fun!

  • Everyone loves a great quality sublimation apron and you will be sure to be pleased with these amazing aprons for printing!  Your clients will be sure to be the best cooking and looking chef in the kitchen with these fantastic sublimation blank aprons with pockets!

  • Pressing Settings: 370-380f for 50-60 seconds

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Item Weight2.4 Ounces
Dimensions24″ x 16″ (61 x 42cm)